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Luleå Guided Tours
Guided tours in Luleå and Lapland Sweden
There is so much to do and see in Luleå during Winter

Luleå is a beautiful, dynamic large town with a long list of great things to see and do and the gateway to Swedish Lapland. Therefore we have designed our fantastic activities, from dogsledding to snowmobiling, around Luleå to be flexible so that you get to select the duration and times that interest you most. Our tours are for couples, families or small groups (from 2 to 7 people) and are conducted in one of our comfortable guided tour vehicles. We also conduct a wide variety of guided tours for larger groups and in both cases you will receive the best possible experience and excellent service from our professional and friendly local tour guides.

If you are reading this english language site for the first time or have found us through a search you may be interested to know that Luleå is located just south of the artic circle on the Bay of Bothnia in northern Sweden. Luleå Guided Tours offers within the day guided tours in Luleå and to nearby attractions in Swedish Lapland.